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Magic-X Planet presents:

“Prince of Illusion” illusion show and “Empire of Magic” school of wizards!

What you could you only see on the television performed by David Copperfield, Dynamo, and Hans Klok, you can now not only see with your own eyes, but also become real illusionists yourselves!

We are glad to present you with the “Prince of Illusion” illusion show which comprises of the best illusionists, participants of television projects, and the winners of the international congresses of illusionists.

Prince of Illusion –a contemporary phenomenon in the show-business industry, which impresses not only with its entertainment and original production, but also unique stage performance.

“Prince of Illusion” show is:

1. Unique in its format and the first in the world “Illusical.”

2. A stage program with large-scale illusions, show-ballet and an irresistible illusionist (from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours)

3. Organization of the colorful events with illusionist DIM (Magic Show from Las Vegas, unique appearance of VIP people of the evening, disappearance and appearance of people, levitation of people and objects)

4. Organization of a unique presentation of your company and product (appearance of the company logo and its top officials, spellbinding illusions with the products)

5. Participation of the famous illusionists in the television programs and cinema (we will make any broadcast air time outstanding and memorable, thus, improving television channel rating).

6. Development of an advertisement campaign with the illusion subject-matter (appearance of the automobile for the car manufacturers, manipulations with the cell phones and any household appliances)

7. БTricks with money and credit cards for the representatives of the banking services sector.

We will make any celebration or product advertisement magical!

“Empire of Magic” School of wizards is:

1. Exciting instruction in the best tricks and illusions.

2. Revelation of the secrets of the magic for the little and adult listeners.

3. The author’s sets of tricks created by the best illusionists.

4. Trips to the festivals of magicians and congresses of illusionists.

5. Creating of a unique image and brand of an illusionist.

The magic gets closer with the “Empire of Magic”!